Traveling for the Holidays

Traveling For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is important to make sure your fur babies have a safe trip/visit if they are going on the road with you for the holidays.


The first step in getting your pets ready is ensuring they are wearing a collar with identification tags and have a microchip current with your information. Carrying a current picture of them in the unfortunate event they were to get lost in an unfamiliar place, for instance if your dog slips out of his collar while walking him at a rest stop, is always a good way to help them be identified. Also make sure to have a certificate of health from your veterinarian which may be required at any checkpoints when traveling between cities or states. Babcock Hills can provide you with a health certificate for your pet. Your pet would need to come in for a health certificate examination with-in 10 days or less prior to travel. Call us to set an appointment if you will be needing one of these!


If your four-legged friend gets carsick, remember to not feed several hours prior to departure to minimize the chances of car sickness. Instead, make sure to have healthy treats and/or kibbles available to give throughout the trip. We do carry anti-nausea medication here in our hospital. Speak to your veterinarian if you feel your pet may benefit from that medication.

Don’t forget the water!

Take bottled water to give them periodically and for warmer weather you may freeze it so it remains cold during the trip making it more palatable. Collapsible water bowls are a great little purchase to make, both for convenience and easy storing when not in use.

Potty break!

Make sure to pack plenty of poopy bags! For dogs, a rear seat protector is also not a bad idea, not only for possible drool, but also if they just can’t hold it anymore and leave a little (or big) gift for you during travel. With that said, also be prepared with some cleaning supplies.

For the nervous riders,

consider having them in a travel crate. This is highly recommended just in general for their safety as well as yours and any other passengers in case of an accident. You may also want to consider anti-anxiety medication for your fur baby depending on their level of travel nervousness/anxiety. Contact us to get this medication prescribed to help your pet have a smooth and hopefully stress-free trip.

Minimizing stress.

More than anything, your fur baby will be most relaxed when they are in their routine and have some familiarity around them. Once at your destination, try to keep as close to their regular schedule as possible. Take their favorite toys, blanket, and/or their bed to make them feel more at home as well.

Lastly, DO NOT

feed table scraps. Many holiday delicacies are dangerous for both dogs and cats. The last thing you’d want is your holiday to be disrupted by an emergency visit to the vet.
Traveling For The Holidays

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