Tips for a First Trip to the Dog Park in San Antonio

Dog parks in San Antonio and Babcock Hills are a real benefit to pet owners and dogs. They provide a designated area for your dog to run, jump, explore and play by themselves or with other dogs. There are, however, some inherent hazards with dog parks that it pays to be aware of. Here are some professional safety tips that veterinarians in San Antonio and Babcock Hills recommend you observe before bringing your dog to a dog park.


1. Get Your Dog Up To Date On Vaccinations

 Dog parks expose your furry companion to a host of invisible diseases from other dogs as well as any visiting wild, innocent looking animals like squirrels and birds, as well as their leavings. Bring Fido up to date on all vaccinations before you ever consider bringing him to the local dog park.


2. Invest in a Good Leash

Even though your dog may ultimately be running around free at the dog park, the first time he should be on a leash. The temptation to race toward a strange dog will be strong, so invest in a good leash that won’t break or fly out of your hands when your dog spontaneously erupts into a burst of energy.


3. Teach Your Dog to Get Along With Others

Before you let your dog loose at the dog park, ensure that she has good social skills with other dogs. A good way to do this is to socialize your dog with a friend’s or neighbor’s dog. Likewise, be sure your dog gets along with other people, including children. Otherwise, if your dog picks a fight at the dog park, you could be paying for damage and/or medical bills, and you don’t want anyone or their pet to get hurt.


4. Scope Out the Park Ahead of Time

Different dog parks have varying rules, as well as varying informal rules. Visit the dog park without Fido first, to determine the culture of the park. Are people vigilant about picking up droppings? Are dogs allowed to go without a leash? Are children petting strange animals? The more you can learn ahead of time, the better you and your dog will fit in when the time comes.


5. Be Aware of Antagonistic Dogs

Before entering the confined area, take a moment to determine if there are any antagonistic dogs roaming around. Just as you made sure your dog is friendly to others, you want to ensure that your dog won’t be a victim to an aggressive animal. If you see such an animal bullying others, you might consider planning your visit for another day.


Local Dog Parks to Check Out: 


As a pet owner, you probably treat your dog like a member of the family. Just as you would protect a child, it pays to take these safety tips before you bring your furry companion to a dog park. Get your dog’s shots updated, use a quality leash, socialize your dog, visit the park ahead of time and be on the lookout for less friendly animals. For more advice about dogs parks in the San Antonia, TX and Babcock Hills region, talk to your local veterinarian.